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Brian Gleckman was born in Los Angeles. Growing up with such staples as the Norton Simon, the Getty, MOCA, and the Barnsdall museums - to say nothing of innumerable independent galleries in Southern California - Brian trained at California State University and, later, in Montreal. He is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 


Brian brings to his art a sensibility that is borne from his cultural identity, extensive study of art history, and an original application of visual interpretation. Inspired by the works of Rubens, El Greco, Soutine, Kline, and Rothko, Brian’s oeuvre finds itself simultaneously positioned between - and therefore blending elements of - expressionism and minimalism: in one sense, there is a kind of power and un-equivocating directness in his compositions; in another, there is a tone of simplicity and calm. Often evoking details of the built environment and the design of written forms, his paintings focus on the relationship between space, shape, and texture within the context of abstract visualization. His is an exploration that employs understated colours and monochromes, or altogether restricts itself to the use of neutrals. In executing his work, Brian strikes a balance of pre-considered composition with intuition; he marries intent - that is, vision of purpose - with the processes of spontaneity and improvisation. To that point, Brian’s paintings are often infused with a sense of ambiguous depth, a result that comes about through subtle layering and the textural effects of his brushwork. In many of his paintings, there is push and pull of movement and a deliberate degree of visual tension, prompting a re-conceptualization of visual spaces and the relationships that result and exist within.  


Departing from that which is merely decorative, Brian’s work reflects a rawness of interpretation that invites dialogue with, and contemplation by, discerning viewers and private collectors. 


For information regarding purchases and/or commissions, contact Brian directly at 


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